Youth Development Services

Making Sports accessible to all

The principles are the same, while the target is people in our communities who have a particular need by reason of youth, disablement and socioeconomic circumstance.

Making our sports programs accessible to all in need, even those limited by finance. As we believe it brings communities together and promotes a culture of peace and tolerance, contributes to economic and social development, and improves the health and personal growth in young people of all backgrounds.

That potential alone excites us to spread our benefits with those less fortunate. Just look what social good Soccer does during the World Cup!

Together with the Got Game Sports Association Inc. which was established to facilitate these specific youth development programs, we work with;

  • Local Councils
  • Youth Centers
  • Sports Clubs
  • Community Groups

To enrich the lives of all young people through physical education, and share the health benefits and social rewards that sport brings.

Rosie - “We try to dedicate our time and funds to young people of all social backgrounds and impress the positive lifestyle it instils.”

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