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Specialist Sports Programs

Do you need to get certain pupils active and motivated on sports days?
Do you need a program delivered on your school grounds?
Do you need all the equipment provided?
Do you need expert coaches in particular sports?
Do you need a variety of sports offered?
Do you need the convenience of one company delivering all sports?
Do you need something that has value for money and keeps parents happy?
Do you need variety each term?
Do you need experienced coaches with primary education?
Do you need extreme helpfulness in all your sporting requirements?

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Currently offering Sporting Experience programs in Dance, Athletics, Basketball, Soccer, Tennis, Ball Skills, Modern_Gymnastics, Cricket, Netball, AFL, Footy, Skipping, Volleyball, Baseball, Active Drama, Water Activities, Olympics, Yoga and More. Just choose the Activity you need when you Book Got Game and provide the pupils, we’ll do the rest.

For compliant co-curricular PE programs like never before, you need PDHPE Programs by Got Game.

BJ - “We are using sports as a medium to teach pupils the fun and rewards of physical activity”

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