School Holiday Programs

School Vacation & Holiday Active Fun Sports Programs

Wouldn’t it be great to offer our children a day of an active kind during the vacation period? Especially considering the health issues that sedentary activities have caused, which are most evident during the relaxed holiday period.

So instead of going to the movies or the aquarium again, paying your $15 and doing the same old thing. Why not make an investment in your children’s health and wellbeing with one the Got Game Holiday Fun Activity Programs. There are 20 themes to choose from, including Multi Sports, Dance, Soccer, Drama, Circus Skills, Dodge Ball, Footy, Olympics, Water Activities and much more.

These are held every school holiday period at various venues around Sydney or we bring the entire program to your Vacation Care Centre or Community group. Just Book Got Game, provide the kids and we’ll make sure they enjoy a holiday activity worth talking about to your friends back at school.

You can even bring Vacation Care Centers together from around your area for our famous Centre Sporting Challenge, allowing you to experience the ultimate interactive sports fun day. Book Got Game now, and gain appreciation from pupils and parents alike for improving your children’s wellbeing while having loads of fun along the way.