Got Game Terms & Conditions

   Terms & Conditions

    Got Game Professional Physical Education Service

    Terms of Payment and Cancellation Policy

All bookings via Xero acceptance or website are official agreements and accountable according to details entered. A cooling off period of 3 months is available after a booking is submitted and in that time bookings can be cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, such as lack of funds.

Charges are per pupil, per term according to numbers on the booking or as confirmed in the follow up correspondence.

The following provisions will need to be administered by the school/centre representative that submitted the booking in respect to the program being undertaken;

  1. Costs will be charged per term with Invoices issued in week 4 onwards
  2. Costs for the entire term’s program will be charged directly to school/centre according to numbers indicated on the booking or a predetermined rate
  3. Monies for program will need to be requisitioned at schools/centres discretion, whether through charging of children/families or available budget
  4. Payment should be finalised within 21 days or any discounts all nullified with a 10% fee per week
  5. First cancellation due to wet weather will incur a one week credit. Meaning we will make every effort to make up the missed session(s) in a subsequent week if time permits
  6. Further wet weather cancellations will incur total chargers without compensation
  7. Cancellations due to circumstances out of our control (including public holidays, absent pupils, school development days, school mass, change of mind, lack of funds) will incur total charges of the remaining scheduled remuneration (after the cooling off period)
  8. Cancellations due to absent personnel (due to illness or likewise) from Got Game will require rescheduling the lessons as time permits
  9. No further discounts or refunds will be offered
  10. Credit is not transferable to following term and/or year
  11. Copyright & confidentiality to programs, reports and games remains the property of Got Game Pty Ltd
  12. These Terms & Conditions are final and supersede all other Terms & Conditions. They can only be varied in writing and authorised by the General Manager of Got Game Pty Ltd

Please note every effort is made to conduct the entire scheduled program or charge only when services are supplied, but circumstances may arise that prevent the assigned sessions being conducted. While expenses such as insurance, resources, staff wages, administration and general ongoing business costs are enduring despite cancellations or public holidays. Hence we need a reasonable policy to cover our services under these conditions.