Expert Coaches providing fun primary school PE Lessons 

Delivering one of the finest specialist sports programs to primary schools across Sydney and contributing to the highest participation rate of children in the world game – Soccer. Some like to call it Football.

But whatever you call it, the game is the most accessible activity and uniquely demographic among team sports. It doesn’t matter if you are tall or short, skinny or large, girl or boy, infant or primary.

Got Game has designed a curriculum based program, brought to your primary school by expert coaches that have set a new standard in professional PE lessons.

The Got Game Team is all about results and none are more evident than in an 8 week Soccer program. Where children first learn the fundamental movement skills required for all physical activity and then apply this new found practice to movement with a ball. But using your feet only!

Considering the pioneering design of the program from the PDHPE syllabus, professional equipment being provided and outstanding credentials of the coaches delivering the lessons in your schools grounds, such a program normally costs $10 per pupil per week. But as you know we are all about value, and continuing to make Soccer accessible to all; so you can cover your PE needs for as little as $2.50 per week.

And like all 8 of the Got Game PDHPE Programs, this program has been developed to address the curriculum outcomes, but with an innovative Got Game approach that separates us an industry leader for years to come.

We know when Principals Got Game they also require;

  • Accredited PE teachers providing RFF
  • Affordable pricing, from $3 per week
  • Comprehensive external provider compliance
  • PDHPE reports and pupil assessments
  • Professional equipment every lesson
  • Specialist PDHPE Programs in Dance, Gym, Athletics
  • Free Program Trials
  • Savings in time, energy and money

And we got that covered too. We Got it All! Just Book Got Game and create a lasting legacy at your primary school by joining The PE Revolution today.

"Just a quick message to let you know the kids are LOVING Got Game. First session was unreal. Lots of parents got to see the boys yesterday working with the kids and all the equipment etc." Kathy Horner - Principal - Jannali East Public School

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