More than just a game, quality physical education and fun

From 1 school six years ago to 55 primary schools today, reflects the quality of this PDHPE Program. Many believe it’s the best primary school Basketball program in Sydney.

Got Game’s inaugural program and still one of the most popular, as it is the perfect means to address our motives;

  • Develop motor skill competencies
  • Build teamwork and social skills
  • Grows self confidence in pupils
  • Appeals to both boys and girls
  • It is a non contact, safe and a global sport
  • Cover multiple dimensions in pupils development

This PDHPE Program has evolved over time from a simple sporting experience to curriculum approved physical education, which was developed to deliver NSW PDHPE syllabus outcomes and is now at the forefront in progression to National Statements of Learning.

Because Basketball and other sports specific activities, such as Soccer, Tennis and Cricket will be the new options in a National Curriculum designed for consistency across the Australian states.

Ultimately our children benefit as they develop essential movement, interpersonal and physical skills through a diversity of activities, such as Basketball, that transfer to lifelong health and wellbeing.

And like all 8 of the Got Game PDHPE Programs, this program has been developed to address the curriculum outcomes, but with an innovative Got Game approach that separates us an industry leader for years to come.

We know when Principals Got Game they also require;

  • Accredited PE teachers providing RFF
  • Affordable pricing, from $3 per week
  • Comprehensive external provider compliance
  • PDHPE reports and pupil assessments
  • Professional equipment every lesson
  • Specialist PDHPE Programs in Dance, Gym, Athletics
  • Free Program Trials
  • Savings in time, energy and money

And we got that covered too. We Got it All! Just Book Got Game and create a lasting legacy at your primary school by joining The PE Revolution today.

“We were amazed at the skills that the Got Game team taught our Year 1's. In addition, Jed and his team are punctual, accommodating and engage brilliantly with the kids and staff alike.” – Rozanna Pleshet – Teacher – Mt Sinai College, Maroubra – 2012

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