Got Game Story

PE is our life

Jed Kram, a current educator, manager and passionate team leader started the organisation in 2004 after recognising the dire need for better quality physical activity services at the primary level. So he moved on from his own professional career as an athlete to pursue a greater good.

Realising he was much more motivated by this cause then the glory and pay pack of professional sport, and a natural affinity to teaching children.

He created Got Game, to pursue a new dream and address the essential need of quality physical education lessons for children.

He soon attracted like minded people to share his unique delivery and innovative approach. The word was spreading amongst schools, education professionals and the industry, so The PE Revolution was born.

A Rev-o-lu-tion it is and not just for namesake, but infact a drastic and far-reaching change in ways of thinking and behaving. Setting a new direction in primary school PE.

With 8 PDHPE Programs, 20 accredited PE teachers and over 80 schools today experiencing the Got Game difference. The tireless effort and passion for making the primary physical education industry better continues...

Jed “There is no greater joy for me then to wake up every morning and think about how to make PE exciting again for pupils”

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