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Our children are growing up unmotivated, uninspired, and inactive and under developed in their physical beings. This is evident everywhere you look, but none more so then in schools we visit every day.

This is where the problems stem from. As modern lifestyles have put restrain on physical activity for children. With screen based activity through television, computers, and mobile phones being more and more frequent. Together with time and fear constraints placed by adults, leaves children with limited freedom in discovering the joys of physical activity.

While at the primary school level physical education is out of date, over priced and under serviced and has been for far too long. With the longest serving PE providers having had their chance to make a difference in pupils’ motivation but from what we can see have failed to do so.

Primary schools are our focus, as it is the optimal period to teach physical education because children are in the right enviornment, predisposed to learn and at a perfect age for motor skill development. 

Further from that our friends in The PE Revolution include; after school centres, sports clubs, councils, community groups, families and anywhere else we can influence change on young people.

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We are all about feedback and evaluation, that’s how we maintain The Best service to clients. So if you’re a teacher and got something to say – we’re listening, Teachers Say. Anyone else got an opinion? Contact Got Game, we’d love to hear from you too.

“We’ve always had a sports teacher, plus our calendar and budget is stretched each year. But the recommendations from other Principals about Got Game were always favourable. So we got them in to complement our current PE and they have been highly professional. With PE teachers that relate well to the students and our staff, programs that are well-resourced, lessons that cover the curriculum, along with professional documentation and good communication.” - Jenni Payne - Principal - Mater Dei Primary - 2012

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