About Got Game

Got Game Believing & Achieving

We believe in delivering the best physical education service,
the most comprehensive service ever offered to schools, 
with 8 HPE programs to choose from, 
and all with full compliance and reporting. 
We also believe in providing only accredited PE teachers,
not just instructors, coaches or even trainees,
but inspirational role models dedicated to your PE needs
and providing RFF if required.
We believe in innovating and progressing PE programs,
using student centred teaching methods, 
developing engaging lessons that pupils love,
and educating everyone on the benefits. 
We believe we have a responsibility to make the industry better 
and that’s what everything we do is geared towards. 
While our efforts are never easy as we create change 
in thinking and behaving with The PE Revolution
We believe that our services should be good value,
that we should make a living with profit
and that the customer is always exceedingly satisfied.

“We chose to use Got Game as our major contractor in delivering a quality PE program to the students of St Brigid's because they use professional instructors who engage the students in all PE activities. Also they are competitive in pricing and are very accommodating and flexible in understanding the various needs of the primary school.” – Deb Buchanan – Principal – St Brigid’s School, Coogee – August 2010

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